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sharwoodfin@gmail.com | Anaheim, CA

I'm Sharonda.

I've only recently earned my Responsive Web Design certification at freeCodeCamp, and I'm currently working toward certification in JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures.

Front End Libraries, Data Visualization, and APIs and Microservices, along with Information Security and Quality Assurance, are other things I'm looking forward to learning as part of the Full Stack Certification curriculum.

I'm delighted with how effective the currculum's challenges and projects have been in helping me learn HTML5 and CSS3. Building a new, personal site—making it look the way I want it to, and respond the way it needs to—seemed like a good way to deepen the skills I've acquired in completing that first certification, as well as providing me with a place to try out new projects.

This site is, and should remain, a work in progress. A gallery (or several) is a high priority for the site, and I've recently replaced fairly standard WordPress installation with Grav (a markdown-based, flat-file CMS), which provided lots of new opportunities for learning (and distraction)! I like writing about whatever is on my mind, and would enjoy blogging about the experience of confronting new concepts as part of my educational process.

I can be reached through the profiles linked on this page, or via the email address nestled just below my headshot, and you can read my journal here.

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