Yep! This will be my first anything-con not exclusively sponsored by a local comic book shop! This year’s DesignerCon is at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is about three miles from our condo. I’m not comfortable with crowds in enclosed spaces, so I’m mostly dreading it, and probably wouldn’t go, except that this con is giving the wife and I a chance to meet up with a longtime internet friend—and awesome inky octopus drawer—Veronica from Sharptooth Snail!

My Sharptooth Snail stardust Pocket Owl (which I do not carry in my pocket) and the wife’s orange stardust Vulprit. These guys live on one of the bookshelves in our living room (not pictured, for reasons).

We have a few pieces of Veronica’s work on display in our place (see my stardust Pocket Owl and the wife's orange stardust Vulprit, above, as well as the octopus art, below) and I hope to add at least an anglerfish pin and a mitochondria t-shirt (for my next trip to the endo) to my part of our collection. The wife regards the sloth as her “spirit animal”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something from Veronica’s sloth collection comes home with us, too.

One of Veronica’s original octopus drawings, which is a follow-up to her Clever Diversion art. This one is framed and hanging in our condo.

The convention runs from Friday, November 16th, through Sunday, November 18th, and brings a lot of DesignerCon 2018 exclusives with it. Unless our plans are waylaid, kiboshed, or otherwise derailed, expect more posts and pics over the next several days.

Both a full-color Clever Diversion print and a greyscale Clever Diversion postcard are available at Sharptooth Snail.

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